How to find investors


As a user, you are given the opportunity to include your project among a portfolio of projects seeking for investment. Your project will be promoted among a pool of regional and international investors.

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About the Process

Invest Cyprus focuses on how to find investors online by introducing a broad project bank for investors, to support the landing of high value investments into projects that align with key government strategies in the sectors of tourism and hospitality, healthcare, education, technology, renewable energy and other commercial projects.


The purpose is to maintain an updated portfolio of available and licensed projects seeking to find investors for their business, to be promoted to a network of international investors.


At a preliminary stage, Project Owners will be asked to submit information on the project in the form of a teaser document which will be internally evaluated prior to be uploaded on the platform.


Projects will be accepted on the platform, contingent on having a valid business plan or a feasibility study. The project owners might be asked to submit their business plan or feasibility study, for the purposes of evaluation to make sure that all information is correct and accurate. It should be noted that all information received will be treated as highly confidential.

KK Golf Resort
The KK Hotel Resort is an integrated luxury resort with Hotel, Spa and Retail facilities. It is situated in an attractive area, near Kouklia village, in short distance to the beach, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. The resort will consist of 80 rooms and 20 private villas.
Project Artemis
A luxury office building close to the international airport of Larnaca. The complex which will include multiple facilities with the aim of hosting multiple local and international organisations.
Project Athena
Existing asset - Expansion
A sports resort which involves the development of a 5* luxury hotel offering recreational and leisure facilities and a sports resort.
Project Bronze
An upcoming 7 floor boutique hotel envisaged to offer 62 rooms, and in agreement with the Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG)
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