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The platform is addressed to a network of international investors, seeking for an efficient way to learn how to find projects to invest in Cyprus. As a first step, the investor should sign up on the platform by submitting the contact request form. The investor will receive an email approval by Invest Cyprus following the review of the information submitted.


Investors are given the opportunity to gain access to investment opportunities in Cyprus. This is a matchmaking platform serving as a guide on how to find projects to invest in Cyprus.

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How it Works

The information submitted by the Investor will go through a screening process to check that it is legitimate, correct and accurate. Following the submission of the form, Invest Cyprus will review the data and request further information where and if necessary. The Invest Cyprus team reviews the data and will either approve or reject the applicant investor.

Profile Activation

Once approved, the Investor will be able to access the project bank, view the available project teasers of his sectors of interest and find some of the most compelling investment opportunities in Cyprus.

What are the next steps?

Any questions raised are communicated to the applicant Project Owner. In the case there is serious interest, and by submitting an “Expression of Interest” for the respective project, Invest Cyprus will proceed and make direct introductions to the Project Owner.

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All information and data contained in the teaser documents (hereinafter, “Project Information”) was based on or obtained or derived from third
parties. Invest Cyprus assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the Project Information. Invest Cyprus gives no warranty and makes no
representation, whether expressed or implied, that the Project Information is error free. The Project Information is provided without any
guarantees, conditions or warranties as to its accuracy or completeness.

This Information is in the possession of Invest Cyprus and the addressee shall not disclose, or cause or permit to be disclosed, to any person
or entity any of this information.

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